Seenso is developed and administered by Cogilex R&D Inc., a technology innovation company located in Montreal, Canada.

Cogilex is committed to the innovation of intelligent search engine technologies, more importantly, Cogilex is committed to doing the greater good through its very innovations. Cogilex will use its medical search engine as a platform to promote public health education and to make a contribution to global health.

All technologies developed in Seenso belong solely to Cogilex.

Cogilex is a privately owned company. It is not affiliated with or owned by any corporation or organization; It has no financial ties with the websites and pharmaceutical products presented in its search results.

Cogilex's research was partially funded by the Canadian Federal Government and the Quebec Provincial Government through the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Programs. The partially funded research serves as a scientific base for developing Seenso. However, the content, methods, and technologies that Cogilex developed are free of any influence from the above two Government Programs.