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Number of abortions in U.S. drops to lowest since
they became legal nationwide
  • NBC News
  • NIH study suggests higher air pollution exposure
    during second pregnancy may increase preterm birth
  • National Institute of Health
  • Vitamin D is good for the bones, but what about
    the heart?
  • American Heart Association
  • Type 2 diabetes: This exercise can help you
    control blood sugar levels in just two weeks
  • Express
  • At-Risk Men May Also Benefit From Regular
  • Doctors Lounge
  • Cash-starved Air India putting crews on low-fat
  • CTV News
  • Drug Safety Communication: Ibrance (palbociclib),
    Kisqali (ribociclib), and Verzenio (abemaciclib) -
    Rare but Severe Lung Inflammation
  • Hysterectomy Tied to Long-Term Risk for
    Depression, Anxiety
  • Physicians Briefing
  • High-Dose Radiation a Game Changer in Fighting
    Deadly Prostate Cancer
  • Doctors Lounge
  • Mesh implants have similar outcomes to
    hysterectomy for vaginal prolapse repair
  • National Institute of Health
  • Nine States Now Have an Obesity Rate Above 35
  • Physicians Briefing
  • Two-drug combo more effective at lowering blood
    sugar in diabetes patients
  • United Press International
  • Disease

    Alarming Number of Heart Infections Tied to Opioid
  • Science Daily
  • Type 2 diabetes: Eating this meal every day could
    lower blood sugar
  • Express
  • Advanced MRI brain scan may help predict
    stroke-related dementia
  • Science Daily
  • Few People With Peanut Allergy Tolerate Peanut
    After Stopping Oral Immunotherapy
  • Science Daily
  • Hearing Aid Use Tied to Lower Risk for Dementia,
    Depression, Falls
  • Physicians Briefing
  • Doubt Over Long-Term Use of Hormone Rx for
    Recurrent Prostate Cancer
  • Doctors Lounge
  • US FDA partners Australia and Canada for cancer
    therapies review
  • News Now
  • Study sees 'epidemic' of deadly heart infections
    linked to opioid abuse
  • American Heart Association
  • Unique genetic activity discovered in people with
    both stroke and cancer
  • American Heart Association
  • Most Americans in the Dark About Cancer-Causing
    HPV, Survey Finds
  • Doctors Lounge
  • No New U.S. Measles Cases Reported Last Week
  • Physicians Briefing
  • Drug

    Safety Information: Zantac (ranitidine) - NDMA
    Found in Samples of Some Ranitidine Medicines
  • Pulegone Levels in Mint, Menthol E-Cigarettes May
    Be Unsafe
  • Physicians Briefing
  • OxyContin maker files for bankruptcy
  • The Globe and Mail
  • Needle-free flu vaccine patch effective in early
  • Science Daily
  • Could Daily Low-Dose Aspirin Still Help Some
  • Doctors Lounge
  • Association Between Low-Dose Rivaroxaban With or
    Without Aspirin and Ischemic Stroke Subtypes
  • JAMA Neurology
  • Can taking paracetamol in pregnancy lead to child
    behavioural problems?
  • National Health Services UK
  • 'Ethical' BBC will defeat Netflix and Amazon, says
    Lord Hall
  • Telegraph UK
  • NUS chemists develop new anti-cancer drug with
    less renal toxicity
  • News-Medical
  • Even Dolphins Are Threatened by
    Antibiotic-Resistant 'Superbugs'
  • Health Day
  • How relapse happens: Opiates reduce the brain's
    ability to form, maintain synapses
  • Science Daily
  • E-cigarette cancer warning as new study finds mint
    and menthol flavour risk
  • Telegraph UK

  • Seenso is a semantic medical search engine dedicated to promoting public health education and self-care at home.
    Why Seenso is different from other search engines?
  • No ads
  • No user tracking
  • High-Quality health information sources
  • Guided Exploration through Semantic Search Technology
  • An internet platform dedicated to promoting public health education Seenso means a Search Engine with Soul.

    Seenso is a semantic medical search engine engineered to promote public health education and self-care at home, it is aimed at providing high-quality medical information to internet users, in a way that helps them understand and deal with medical problems that they often face in everyday life. Seenso is offered as a not-for-profit public service to internet users, free of advertisement and user tracking.

    Seenso has a soul, because it understands when it receives a search query from you, there is a real person on other side of the screen. You may experience pain, suffering, and distress, and you may hope that someone will take your best interest at heart and try to understand your real needs, and provide information that can help you.

    Seenso is invented just to do that - to provide high-quality medical information that you need, in a way that helps you understand what you should know or do when dealing with a medical problem. Through the combination of cognitive and semantic approaches to text analysis, Seenso tries to identify the meaningful content on web pages, to understand the challenges and tasks that you may face in a given medical situation, and to provide the kinds of information that you need and in the way that empowers you. Different from other existing search engines, Seenso ranks the web pages based on the real meaningful content of the web pages and its relevance to your goals and tasks for a given medical situation. By offering you a guided exploratory interface, you can have a comprehensive overview of the various important issues involved, as well as a navigation map for guiding your future search. You can decide what topic to explore, based on your goals, information needs and preferences for a given situation. Furthermore, Seenso presents only organic search results without feeding you with any form of advertisement. All those efforts are geared towards making your medical search more relevant, useful, and efficient.

    Seenso has a soul, because it believes that you are entitled to privacy regarding your medical condition; You should be able go on the Internet to search about your medical condition without being tracked or worried about the potential exposure of your privacy.

    "; Seenso has a soul, because it is aware of its limitations and it will never stop learning and improving. It will continuously acquire new knowledge about best medical practices and the advancements in medical and related fields; It will strive to provide the best medical information available on the Internet, faithfully serving the medical information needs of you and your family. If Seenso can in some way help people live healthier, happier, and longer lives, then Seenso's mission is accomplished.

    Seenso is created with the primary goal of promoting public health. Using the search engine platform, Seenso is aimed at achieving the following social entrepreneurial goals:
  • Promoting public health literacy, promoting healthy lifestyles and habits;
  • Educating public about disease prevention and early detection, Helping to reduce preventable chronic diseases;
  • Supporting self-care at home;
  • Aiding evidence-based and individualized medicine; Aiding informed and shared medical decision making;
  • Contributing to the improvement of global health, reducing human suffering from disease, reducing burdens of diseases on families and societies;
  • Building, maintaining, and promoting science-based and user-centred medical content on the Internet, leaving a healthier, kinder, greener, and better world to the future generations.