• Liver transplantation involves replacing a patient's own ("native") diseased liver with a new liver obtained ("harvested") from an organ donor.
  • Routine follow-up after the few months from the time of liver transplantation consists of monthly blood tests and office appointments.
  • A liver transplant is an operation to remove a diseased or damaged liver and replace it with a healthy one.
  • Although a liver transplant is major surgery, they are common and have good success rates.
  • I have discussed here what a liver transplant is, the types of liver transplants, who needs a liver transplant, why it is done, how it is done, how a person prepares him/herself for the process and the recovery process.
  • A liver transplant is a medical procedure in which your diseased or failing liver is replaced with a donor liver.
  • Liver transplant is surgery to replace a diseased liver with a healthy liver.
  • The study also prospectively analyzed patients' OS by the presence of intraabdominal extrahepatic disease without distant metastasis (OS, 58%) and with distant metastases (OS, 44%).[8] Patients who underwent orthotopic liver transplant are included in al...
  • Fortunately, most liver transplants are successful.Many kids who undergo these procedures go on to live normal, healthy lives once they recover from surgery.
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